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Family Law

Our family law solicitors aim to promote results through problem-solving and encourage the use of alternatives to court whenever possible.

Initial consultation fee £250 + VAT


A relationship breakdown is not easy but choosing the right Divorce Solicitor would help you could reduce conflict and improve the outcome for you.

You might think that getting a divorce means you’ll end up in Court. But if you and your ex agree that you both want a divorce and agree on the reasons for your divorce, you probably won’t have to. And, a Fixed Fee Divorce is likely to suit you best.

During the divorce process, you’ll need to decide what happens to your money, your property and more importantly, your children, if you have any. Our Divorce Solicitors and Lawyers can help you to work through these decisions to get the best possible outcome.

For initial legal advice get in touch with our Family Law and Divorce Team

If you want to talk about payment options, the divorce process or would like to speak with someone about a Fixed Fee Divorce, feel free to call us.

There’s no doubt that getting a divorce can be painful, but the process itself doesn’t have to be. By using our Fixed Fee Divorce, you can be certain about what’s included in the price, with no hidden costs.

Our Fixed Fee Divorce Costs £1000 (VAT Included). If you and your ex have agreed on the split of your matrimonial finances, we can also offer you a Fixed Fee Consent Order so your divorce financial settlement can be dealt with at the same time.

What is Included in the Fixed Fee Divorce?

When you get a Fixed Fee Divorce, here’s what’s included:

  • Advice about the divorce process at each stage
  • Completion of the divorce application and sending it to the Court
  • Application for the Decree Nisi
  • Application for the Decree Absolute
  • Copies of all important documents, for safekeeping

What’s Not Included in the Fixed Fee Divorce?

  • The Court fee, which is £550 (although in some cases, this can be reduced or avoided completely)
  • If your former partner objects to the divorce or it becomes contested, also known as defended
  • Representing you in Court (almost all divorce cases are dealt with on paper, meaning that going to Court is very unlikely)
  • Disputes about who pays for the cost of the divorce
  • Obtaining a copy of your original marriage certificate or translating it if you were married abroad.
  • Any legal advice or work needed to resolve financial issues
  • Any legal advice about arrangements for your children

Can I Get a Fixed Fee Divorce?

Yes, you can, if:

  • You and your partner both want a divorce and you’ve agreed who will take the lead; or
  • Your partner agrees to a divorce after an initial letter from us; and
  • You both live in the UK; and
  • You’ve agreed who will pay the costs

We can, of course, deal with any disputes about who will pay the costs and help you agree a way forward, but the work will fall outside of the Fixed Fee.

Fixed Fee for Responding to a Divorce

If your former partner has applied for a divorce and you need to respond to the divorce petition, we can do this for you for a fixed fee of just £500 (excluding VAT)

The person who applies for the Divorce is known as the Petitioner and the person who replies to a divorce petition is called the Respondent.

By taking advantage of our Fixed Fee process, you won’t have to worry about filling in any paperwork or having to speak to your former partner.

As long as you agree to the divorce and don’t want to defend it, we can offer you a Fixed Fee service.

What is included for Fixed Fee for Respondents?

  • An initial consultation and advice on your next steps
  • A letter or email to the Petitioner or the Petitioner’s Solicitor to compromise on any claim for costs (and we’ll deal with response)
  • Completing the Acknowledgement of Service
  • Sending the Notice of Entitlement to Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute

What is not included in our Fixed Fee for Respondents?

  • Any work to defend the petition
  • Resolving any of yours and your ex-partner’s financial issues
  • Settling any disputes about who will pay the divorce costs

Fixed Fee Consent Order

If you’ve been able to resolve your financial arrangements amicably, we can help you to finalise any financial terms with your former partner. We do this by preparing a Consent Order and lodging it with the Court to make sure it becomes a legally binding agreement between the two of you.

Whether or not a Fixed Fee Divorce is right for you will depend upon how quickly you’re able to reach an agreement and the level of complexity. In many cases, you can tell us what the agreed terms are, we will then write to your former partner asking them to confirm that they agree with what you have outlined to us, and if they do, we don’t need to negotiate on your behalf, leaving only the paperwork to sort out for you.

We can generally prepare the divorce papers within days, giving you peace of mind quickly and allowing you to focus on your day to day life and move forward.

Fixed Fee Consent Order – What’s Not Included

  • Any negotiations with your former partner about the financial issues (other than an initial letter, as described above)
  • Valuations of assets, although if there is a dispute about the value of assets, we can help
  • Collating or analysis of financial disclosure and documents. This wouldn’t fall within our Fixed Fee Divorce package but we can help you with this as a separate and bespoke piece of work, should you need us to.
  • Divorce Court fee currently costs £50 in England or Wales

What’s the Fixed Fee Divorce Process?

The Fixed Fee Divorce process itself is straightforward. The steps are:

  1. Contact us to arrange your fixed fee divorce.
  2. We prepare the Divorce Petition for you and send it to the Court.
  3. The Court sends it to your ex-partner who needs to complete the Acknowledgment of Service to confirm they’ve seen the divorce papers. They should confirm that they won’t defend the divorce.
  4. We’ll prepare a written statement to the Court to confirm everything in the application is true and asking for the divorce to continue.
  5. A Judge will review the documents and as long as everything is correct, they’ll issue a ‘certificate’ to confirm that the grounds for divorce have been proved. Everyone will get a copy of the certificate and a date for the pronouncement of the Decree Nisi will be set. You won’t need to go to Court for this.
  6. You can apply for the Decree Absolute, which finally ends your marriage, six weeks and a day after the Decree Nisi has been pronounced, but ideally you should make sure your finances are agreed before the Decree Absolute is applied for.

How Much Does a Fixed Fee Divorce and Fixed Fee Consent Order Cost?

The cost for a Fixed Fee Divorce is £1000.00 (Excluding VAT)

The Court Fee is £550, so the overall cost is £1,550. (Excluding VAT)

To deal with your Consent Order it will cost £900.00 (Excluding VAT). The Court Fee is £50, so the overall cost is £950.00 (Excluding VAT)

It’s become more and more common for couples getting divorced to share the divorce costs.


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